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One of the most anticipated releases of the year will drop on Tuesday. Are you ready?

House of Heroes has been around for 8 years, giving us a great mix of rock, a little punk, alternative, and a slight indie sound that many have come to love. Personally, I’ve had a love affair with the Columbus, Ohio, trio (now quartet) since I discovered their third release, Say No More. We met with Buckets for Bulletwounds, I then fell in love with Serial Sleepers, and once The End Is Not The End was released I was down on one knee. I’ve got my fingers crossed that Suburba will be the honeymoon phase, and all indications are pointing to jackpot. But even if this album is great, can House of Heroes live up to their monumental success of their last release?

This has been a problem for many artists in the past. Artists come out with a breakout album that is praised by critics and fans alike, and the following album is criticized for not living up to their previous work. I feel for these groups, but I must confess I am guilty of these same judgements. When one of my other favorite groups, The Classic Crime, released their latest album Vagabonds I was ecstatic. However, after a listen, I was disappointed that the album had a slightly different sound than The Silver Cord. Yes, there will always be albums you enjoy more or less, but does the album following a breakout hit always leave fans disappointed? Of the reviews that I’ve read so far regarding Suburba, they are all positive, but most say something to the effect of, “It’s a great album, but not quite as deep as The End is Not The End.” I hope that this fantastic group will not forever be measured by The End is Not The End.

Since their release is drawing near, I began to think about their name. House of Heroes recalls thoughts of the Hall of Justice, the headquarters of the Super Friends. The Hall of Justice was almost a sacred place, hidden from society, a place where heroes can meet, relax, and plan their strategy for combating an unrelenting evil that threatened the world. I would call it my Shadow Gathering. This got the cogs in my head turning…any home can have most of these qualities. An apartment can be a place where you relax, get away from the world, and prepare yourself for the trials in life. I find in my life the weeks I spend time with God at home, either reading the Bible or praying, are much better weeks than when I don’t. I’m not going to sit here and tell you if you don’t pray everyday and read your Bible you’re going to hell, but to be honest it just seems to make things easier. Temptations seem less frequent or tempting and I have a happier demeanor overall. We all know the spiritual life is a rollercoaster, with heart-pumping highs and depressing lows.  I’m telling you from personal experience, these actions help to even out the ride (near the top of the apex).  This shouldn’t be a big and difficult task.  I’ve found that the hardest part is beginning the process.  But I can promise you this, once you start spending time with God, you’ll feel like he’s spending more time with you.  So I challenge you, make your home a house of heroes and see if there’s a difference.