You may call me V

I am a voice to the voiceless. 

Hundreds of Christian bands are lost in the shuffle, trampled by the mainstream and disappear into the bottomless pit of obscurity.  Quality bands.  Amazing bands.  Groups that musically and lyrically rival and surpass many acts in the secular world.  Their message is a message of hope, love, salvation, worship, and personal struggles, all the while keeping their minds on Christ.  They have chosen a path of ministry and most likely namelessness.  Riches on earth do not apply…their reward awaits them in heaven. 

I am a voice to the voiceless.  The Righteous Underground is here to analyze quality Alternative Christian music…sorry Casting Crowns, you are a phenomenal band, but this is for the little guys blasting our ears with hard rock, metal, rap, alternative, and indie music.  I assure you, follow this blog and your thoughts on Christian music will change.


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